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A combination of an online Survey of users – a focus group of women 30 – 60 yrs – a perspective from Retailers/Merchants


Hi Girls

I aim to develop the Blog and content of to bring you all more of what you want from a plus size fashion blog. was started by my husband in 2005.  In June 2013 I took over the running of this website and changed the focus of the website to be a plus size fashion blog dedicated to women in the age group 30 – 60 years.  Each week I post a blog relating to plus size fashion.  Some blogs have had a styling focus (whether that is for Tall, Petite, Size 28+ etc), some blog posts have been about issues affecting the plus size industry, whilst other blog posts have been about Designers.

Since the new blog format became live on (Saturday 15th June 2013) I have now built up a rather large catalogue/resource of opinions in and around the plus size fashion industry.  Problem is that I do NOT know how well all of this has been received and regarded by my followers NOR if this is exactly what you all want to read.  I want to make the website bigger and better and therefore the Blog fuller and more complete.  I aim to be the No.1 Resource within the plus size industry for both shopping and styling AND the ‘go to place’ for other businesses or individuals looking for plus size Industry Professionals.

In the past few months I have changed (again) the layout of in the hope that information is more easily found and categorised.  The new layout now also is mobile responsive.  I have also added new category headings such as Special Offers, Today’s Best Buy, Shop of the Week, and I am still in testing for the soon to be introduced category, Featured Product.  These new areas require more work to be fully functioning as I intend.  I have been working with some of my Retailers/Merchants and over the next few weeks you will start to see more content (especially in the form of video presentations) in most of these new areas.

I have already had a focus group of 5 women representing my target age group (30 – 60 years) and my work with Retailers/Merchants is ongoing to get their perspectives on how we can help each other bring relevant and timely product information to you all.

However all this planning means nothing without you all telling me what exactly you would like to see on the website and Blog.  I therefore would be extremely grateful if you could complete this very short 10 question survey (responses require you only to click/select your preference) AND also comment directly using the comment box at the end of this post.

Your feedback and response to the Survey is greatly appreciated.

Kind Regards

Diane xxx

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