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High folks.  Welcome to my new section – Featured Product (which will be updated weekly on Mondays).  This new update is in addition to my regular weekly Blogs which are posted to every Thursday.  ‘Featured Product’ is the latest in new additions to information sections at  I now have included the following new sections to the website – Special Offers, Today’s Best Buy, Shop of the Week, and now  – Featured Product.  All these changes and additions are still in their infancy and require further development BUT they should give you more of a reason to check in to everyday to get tips, styling advice, special offers and….very soon chances to win products on competitions sponsored by various Retailers.  At the moment ‘Featured Product’ will be updated every Monday (once per week).  Hopefully in time this can move on to be a daily occurrence.

Featured Product is a quick shot look at the features of various products to include – Clothing, Footwear, Accessories, Beauty and Skincare.  In this section I TELL YOU MY OPINION ABOUT THE PRODUCT AND WHAT IT FEELS LIKE TO WEAR AND/USE THE PRODUCT.  Photography on Retailer websites is professionally created using specialists who ‘set up the photo’ and also use a professional model.  The best possible way to have the product presented is then published on the Retailer website.  You and I are ordinary people and often we need to know what that product would really look like on, especially as we do NOT have a team putting our look together (such as hairstylists, make-up Artists, Stylists, Lighting Technicians, and the Photographer).  Through ‘Featured Product’ I will give you (via video/photo and my general chat) my honest opinion.  If you like the product after seeing it in reality in an everyday situation then it is a more justified reason to buy that product.

I am 5’9″ tall and a UK18 (although I am working on getting back down to a size UK16).  I am a very earthy person and often do NOT wear make-up.  When I do wear make-up it is for special occasions.  What you see on video and photo on ‘Featured Product’ is is just ME without any ‘photoshopping’ or other image manipulation.  I am not attempting to be someone any different, and certainly not trying to recreate the professional image of that product presented on the Retailer website.  Honesty is always the best policy.  You may also hear me Hmmh and Haah.  This is honesty.  I have been working with a few Retailers on this section testing out what they think of ‘Featured Product’.  They love it.  They want me to be the ordinary person giving an honest opinion about that particular product and are therefore going to supply me with clothing and other products that I CHOOSE to feature.  At no time will the Retailer insist that I feature and talk about a product of their choosing.

There are all sizes and shapes of woman out there all buying products from Retailers.  I will try my best, using some of my friends, to get them to appear on Featured Product and also speak about the product, particularly if the product suits their particular build and frame .i.e. petite or tall.  So do not worry…you will not always see me on here talking about a product that you cannot identify with.

I hope that the only way is UP with this new section.  It can only be improved if you let me know each week what you think.  Please do not shy away from commenting on this website and or YouTube (where my videos will be uploaded).

Kind Regards

Diane xxxx

Diane gives her opinion about clothing and other products in the section called 'Feautred Product' on her website

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