Introducing The Ann Harvey Collection @ Bonmarche


The Ann Harvey Collection available from size UK16 – UK32


Ann Harvey is a brand suitable for the mature lady (50+ years) and is available to buy from Bonmarche.  The Collection includes dresses (and occasion dresses), tops, trousers, jackets and coats and all are available up to a size UK32.

Ann Harvey Brush Stroke Floral Wrap Dress available up to size UK32

Brush Stroke Floral Wrap Dress (Cobalt Blue) – £45 – Available from size UK16 – UK32


I am delighted this week to introduce you to Ann Harvey, a new plus size fashion brand name at  The Ann Harvey Collection (available to buy from Bonmarche) is a very affordable range and all clothing within the Collection goes up to a size UK32.


To view The Ann Harvey Collection @ Bonmarche click HERE


To buy this dress (£45) click HERE


Many items from the current Ann Harvey Collection have already been featured in the Daily Express with positive comments on the overall design and value for money.  Today, by way of introduction to the brand and the availability of the Collection at Bonmarche, I have chosen this wrap dress (which has also been featured in the Daily Express) and hope to give you my everyday ordinary person perspective on it.  As with all my blog posts I am not wearing any make-up and have not had any professional styling nor photography.  If you like what you see (presented in daylight by an ordinary plus size woman) then you know how you can improve your overall look in this dress when you work your own magic with hair styling and make-up.

I am wearing the Brush Stroke Floral Wrap Dress in cobalt blue in size UK18.  This dress is fully lined and has a wonderful cut and fit to compliment those curves.  I feel that this is very much a statement dress and therefore would be suitable to wear as a wedding guest OR as Mother of the Bride.  Traditionally the Mother of the Bride wears blue.  This dress offers an interesting twist on the blue attire of the Mother of the Bride.

The wrap dress is the best way to compliment the curve and shape of a plus size lady especially if the dress also includes 3/4 length sleeves.  We all have problem areas with our bodies and the wrap dress is the ‘Queen of stylish and considered dressing for masking or minimising problem areas’.  Firstly the actual wrap over at the bust line creates a nice cleavage line and is not bra cup specific in terms of fit.  Also the ruching at the side of the dress (created by the wrap over effect) serves to define a waist and give shape to the middle of the body.  The 3/4 length sleeves cover the upper arms and smooth the overall arm treatment whilst also helping to define a waistline.

If you are soon to be a Mother of the Bride consider wearing this dress with a black hat (preferably a large brim) rather than a fascinator.  The dress is in this seasons statement colour (cobalt blue) and has a large pattern so needs a larger hat treatment to balance out your profile.

To see a quick 30 second view of the dress have a look at this video

To hear what I have to say about this dress and to see a demonstration of the features of the dress have a look at this video

To buy the dress (£45) click HERE


To view the Ann Harvey Collection at Bonmarche click HERE


Until next week.  Diane xxx

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