Next – sizing for Tall/Regular/Petite AND Plus Fit Women


Next Size Range – Tall (5’10″+), Regular (5’4″+), Petite (5’3″), Plus Fit (UK16 – UK26)


Next Hooded Wadded jacket £50 available in a range of sizes and fits up to UK26

Hooded Wadded Jacket – £50 – Available in Navy/Black in a range of sizes and fits (Tall/Petite/Regular & Plus Fit)

This week I would like to draw your attention to the range of sizes and fits available at NEXT.  Next offer a considerable range of clothes from a size UK6 – UK26 (Regular Fit), Tall (UK8T – UK18T),  and Petite (UK6 – UK18).

By way of an example I wish to demonstrate this considerable sizing range and fit with this hooded rain jacket.  I am seen here in the photo wearing a hooded wadded jacket in a UK18 Regular Fit.  This jacket is also available up to a Plus Fit UK26 and also in Tall (up to size UK18T), Petite (from size UK6 – UK18) and Regular (available from size UK6 – UK26).  For all sizes and fits this jacket is £50.


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(Regular/Tall/Petite and Plus Fit)


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This jacket is available in both Black and Navy.  It is a standard hooded rain coat.  There are fleece lined pockets and also 2 zipper fastened pockets for added security to keep things safe (ideal if you are on the go all day and are not carrying a hand bag).  Other commentators on the Next Website refer to the fit as being neat and the arm width also being tight.  I totally agree with these comments.  Although I am wearing the Regular Fit UK18 and the fit is comfortable there is very little wriggle room left, especially if I wanted to wear this coat with a thicker jumper underneath.  For that reason I intend moving up to the size UK20 Regular Fit.

I don’t think I need to move to the Tall Fit.  I am 5’9″ tall and the coat is long enough on me and very suitable for wearing when driving.  In terms of length I find the Regular Length Fit just right for me.  The coat is wadded so is very warm.  At the time this photo was taken I was definitely very warm wearing this with a fine knit jumper.  The only problem is that in this size there is little room for any further layers to be worn underneath.  For this reason I am moving up to a size UK20.  I do not worry about the numbers attached to a size.  Always wear what fits you and ignore the number size.  Sizes can and do vary even within the same retailer and here is a classic example where the wadding makes the overall fit that bit tighter.  I shop quite a lot from Next and the UK18 size ordinarily is a perfect fit on me.  The fact that I now need to move up a size is my own personal choice for comfort and versatility in what I choose to wear underneath the coat.  You will always look slimmer in a garment that fits you correctly rather than wearing a size just because that size ordinarily fits.

My overall assessment of this jacket is that it is very good value for money and a must have for The School Run and/or Weekend Sports Spectating.


To hear what I have to say about this jacket and to see a demonstration of the features of the jacket view this short video

Until next Thursday. Diane xxx

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