Size Zero is an American term for a Sample Size and equates with a UK size 6.  It is the ‘base’ size or ‘starter’ size for designers to use or refer to when they make up their creations.   It is really a designer’s Sample Size.  This is the size showed in fashion rooms and on the Catwalk and therefore worn by Size Zero Models.  The term Size Zero is a nonsense of an expression.  How can we talk about a size of clothes (which is meant to be a unit of measure with dimensions in width) and describe the fit or dimensions of these clothes as being ‘zero’?  If we include this term as being a size of fit then how can a fit of Zero have any dimensions to measure.  The term Size Zero therefore implies a value of nothing, and can not take on a value as a unit of measure of fit, nor size in relation to the sizing of clothes.  If we understand this basic fact how therefore can a fit of clothes (in a size zero) have NO measure or dimensions to its size?  The term Size Zero is therefore a nonsense term and the continuance of this usage is making fools out of the fashion industry and the gullible and impressionable amongst us.  The Media should never have played along with this Size Zero concept.  Surely they should have been intelligent enough to see that this term is completely silly and to publish and continue to refer to a size zero within all the various media platforms is stupid.  The only other example I can think of whereby a Zero takes on a positive value of measure is when we are talking about temperature on the celcius/centrigrade scale and then we understand that Zero degrees Celsius is Freezing Point and directly comparable (as a unit of measure) with 32 degrees on the Fahrenheit scale.  In this example Zero degrees is a measure on a continuous number line and can show and measure (temperature) both above and below zero degrees.  If we talk of a clothing size fit, or a model as being a size Zero are we also implying that there are minus sizes below the zero size.  Is this concept yet to come!!!  It is time that all sensible people scrapped the term Size Zero and replaced it with Sample Size or Base Size.  At least in this way we would be using vocabulary that had a relation or connection to a concept of size and the garment fit having a suggestion of measurable dimensions.

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