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Hi folks this week I bring you the best and most affordable finds of plus size outdoor clothing for your exercise needs.  The merchants I am featuring this week include Red Brick Workwear and Target Dry, both offering a large selection of clothing (up to 4XL (XXXXL) with many of their products) suitable for walking and other leisure pursuits to kick start your new diet and health/fitness regime.

If you have been following my blog and facebook page you will know that I have been very impressed with the Health and Fitness programme on Irish TV (RTE One) called Operation Transformation and have taken inspiration from each of the 6 Leaders. We have seen the very human side to achieving optimal health and fitness from each and every one of them.  Who could not identify with their struggles.

I am trying to improve my own health and fitness and gradually reduce my dress size down from a UK18 to a UK16.  I am pleased to report that since I first commented on Operation Transformation on this blog I have lost 5lbs – not earth shattering (especially when compared to the Leaders) but I did say that I was going to do this slowly.  I am eating sensibly and have now started to walk regularly.  I am now starting to feel the difference in my clothes and I am feeling all the better for making a few small changes.

It has been very wet of late.  Not good outdoor exercising weather.  In fact weather that we could easily level a “too wet to exercise” excuse at.  Have you too been guilty of using this excuse?  Think on.  Here are some great and affordable finds for all your outdoor wear needs to kickstart your fitness regime.

My Star Buy this week is this High Visibility Vest Jacket at only £1.89.  If you do nothing else please be safe when out walking.  Wear a High Visibility jacket or vest (large enough to pull over your own clothing).  Be safe not sorry!  To view a wider range of High Visibility Products click here.


High Visibility Vest - Available in Orange or Yellow in sizes 4XL - £1.89

High Visibility Vest – Available in Orange or Yellow in sizes    S – 4XL – £1.89


I also love this waterproof fleece from Target Dry which is very reasonable at only £29.95.

Waterproof Fleece available in sizes 8 - 18 - £29.95

Waterproof Fleece available in sizes 8 – 18 – £29.95


Click through this link for other outdoor clothing products in the Target Dry Sale.

Wear your High Visibility Jacket/Vest or the waterproof fleece above with a pair of waterproof trousers that can easily pull on on top of your tracky bottoms or jeans.  Target Dry do a great range of sizes and styles ranging in price from £18.99 – £40.00.

I also think that this (one size fits all) waterproof and windproof poncho great value as it can be very easily packed away for when needed.  The body coverage is extensive and the hood is a great addition to provide you with overall protection from heavy and prolonged showers.

Waterproof, Windproof  and lightweight onesize fits all poncho - £27.99

Waterproof, Windproof and lightweight onesize fits all poncho – £27.99

For lighter showers I also love this stylish fold away Mac-in-a-Sac jacket.

Waterproof Jacket available in 11 colours in sizes XS - XXXL - £26.99

Waterproof Jacket available in 11 colours in sizes XS – XXXL – £26.99

These products should give you enough choice to get you out and about in these dark and wetter afternoons and evenings whilst keeping you safe and dry.  Enjoy your exercise this week.  Speak soon.  Diane



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