Introducing the David Emanuel Collection @ Bonmarche


David Emanuel, Royal Wedding Dress Designer, designs an exclusive Collection for Bonmarche


A very affordable and fantastic quality design Collection by David Emanuel has been launched at Bonmarche.  The Collection includes dresses, tops, trousers, jeans, coats and jackets in the size range UK10 – UK24.

David Emanuel Wrap Dress for Bonmarche

Floral Wrap Dress designed exclusively for Bonmarche by Royal Wedding Dress Designer, David Emanuel

I love to be able to bring good news stories to my readers and especially if that story also means exceptional value for money.  David Emanuel (who along with his then wife Elizabeth Emanuel) designed the Wedding Dress of the Late Princess of Wales, Princess Diana, has now launched an exclusive Collection at Bonmarche.

The dress that I am wearing is a jersey floral wrap dress and is fully lined.   The dress has now sold out BUT there are similar dresses currently available and of the same exceptional value and quality.  Read on below and I will present 2 other alternatives to this dress.

I always prefer to buy dresses that have been lined especially as the dress sits better AND it avoids having to buy a petticoat that is the correct length and that fits and contours well with the dress too (NO PUCKERING).  This dress does this beautifully.  The lining moves with the dress and does not have a mind of its own so there is not the puckering that you often get with wearing a petticoat (which is separate from the dress) underneath.  It feels very good on and is true to fit.  I am wearing a size UK18.  I am therefore not surprised that this dress has now sold out and that all the new stock is very quickly selling out too  My advice to you is to plan ahead NOW.  If you have an occasion coming up soon buy now as the item of clothing that you want may not be available.  With this quality and at these prices the word is now out!

It is important to showcase this dress to you so that you get a sense of the design and overall quality of fit.  If you like this dress you can expect similar high standards with other dresses in the Collection

Watch this 30 second video to see the design features of the dress.

View this video to hear what I have to say about this dress and The David Emanuel Collection at Bonmarche

Jesey floral wrap dress designed by David Emanuel at Bonmarche

Waist defined with side gathered pleats

Neckline detail of jersey floral wrap dress designed by David Emanuel for The David Emanuel Collection at Bonmarche

Neckline Detail











Here are 2 other very similar wrap dresses that are currently available from The David Emanuel Collection at Bonmarche


I love this V Neck and half sleeve floral jersey wrap dress.  This dress is also fully lined and is £30.  The dress is available from a UK10 – UK24

V Neck Jersey floral wrap dress by David Emanuel @ Bonmarche

V Neck, half sleeve, jersey floral wrap dress by David Emanuel @ Bonmarche – £30 – UK10 – UK24

This is a wonderful alternative to the dress that I am wearing and is my overall favourite because it has the V Neckline and half sleeves.  With this particular shape of dress I feel that I would be able to minimise my middle area more because of the attention NOT being concentrated just on the side gathering (as is the case with the dress that I am wearing).  The V Neck (especially with my rounder shaped face) is more flattering and the distance created between my jawline and the cleavage makes this a more flattering cut for me.  Also the longer sleeves (from the cap to the half sleeve) further help to draw attention to the shaping at the waistline.  With this cut of dress I would have 3 main features (neckline, sleeveline and waistline) to create the correct shape on me for that all important curve appeal.

This is the right shape of dress for women with

– problem middle areas

– problem upper arms OR

– wanting to achieve an improved or better defined bustline (if you have a larger bust consider the next dress with a higher neckline)



To buy this dress £30 click HERE

Jersey floral round neck wrap dress designed by David Emanuel at Bonmarche

Round Neck Wrap Dress – £19 – David Emanuel Collection – Available in UK10, UK22








This is another floral wrap dress creation by David Emanuel with a cap sleeve and round neckline.  This cut of dress is particularly a good shape for ladies with larger busts who want to minimise their bustline.  The wrap style will help to create a more profiled waistline area too.

This dress is now on sale at £19 and is currently available in a UK10 and a UK22 only.


To buy this dress click HERE



As with all my blog postings on I present the items of clothing to you just as I am and not wearing any make-up.  I feel that it is important that you can assess the true colour of the garment and, more importantly, get a sense of the garment against a natural skin tone.  The photography in print catalogues and on websites is professionally created using a model and a team of Creatives to get the perfect picture and to present the garment in the best possible light.  I hope that if you like my natural approach you will be more inclined to buy that product especially when you know how you can work your own magic with your hair styling and make-up.

In today’s blog post the only make-up that I am wearing is a lip gloss and nail polish by David Emanuel.  David Emanuel will launch very soon (on the Bonmarche website) his new cosmetics collection.  Not being someone who wears a lot of make-up or bothers with painting my nails this is a new addition to my presentation.  I have to say that I love the nail polish.  My youngest daughter (15 yrs) painted my nails.  It went on very smoothly and dried quite quickly.  This would definitely make me rethink wearing nail polish again.  It really is not that fussy a thing to do with the right product.

I hope you have been inspired by this week’s blog post and have been given that all important ‘heads up’ in terms of where to go to buy affordable, on trend, and quality clothing.  I was very impressed with the dress that I have just reviewed and the other products that I have viewed.  I highly recommend The David Emanuel Collection at Bonmarche and hope that I can bring you more timely information about additions to the Collection as and when it happens.  With The David Emanuel Collection you can be both budget and style conscious.  There is no compromise with this Collection.  Quality, Affordablility, Style and Fit ready for the taking at Bonmarche.


To view The David Emanuel Collection at Bonmarche click HERE


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