UK Plus Size Fashion Week, September 2015, London





On Saturday 13th September 2015 UK Plus Size Fashion Week UKPSFW presented a Catwalk Show at 8 Northumberland Avenue, London using plus size models ranging in size from UK14 – UK22\24. This was a Show dedicated to and representative of the actual sizes of the vast majority of the UK female fashion buying public. A welcome ‘plus’ to the fashion industry in general; an alternative dimension that can directly result in actual spend within an industry where the plus size sector is in actual compound growth compared to the presumed and established mainstream sector.

If the purpose of fashion is aspiration and evoking a desirability response then this Event did this effectively. The models exuded sass, charm, grace, confidence and……a very big ‘plus’ for any female fashion label…….downright sexiness. These women were voluptuous, curvy, womanly, shapely…call it what you will but definitely a ‘plus’ for diversity. There was also a range of ages represented from models in their 20s to models in their 40s. This was realism and an opportunity for the audience to actually identify with the clothes and translate what they saw on the Catwalk with how a particular garment or style could look on them. This is one ‘plus’ that main stream catwalk fashion shows fail to deliver.

Now in its third year this Show goes from strength to strength and is improving the formula each year to also grab the attention of the main stream fashion media (albeit still undecided about accepting this extra dimension to the fashion world). This industry can’t be ignored and whether or not the main stream fashion media want to accept it or not the ‘plus’ presented at UKPSFW is that there is actual willingness to purchase and the buying power of a sector of women who previously felt ambivalent about fashion and vastly underrepresented. Events such as UKPSFW are breaking down barriers and presenting an alternative. Plus size women are now beginning to embrace and trust the voice of plus size fashion entrepreneurs, designers, stylists and advocates emerging and this is leading to and fuelling a demand for fashionable clothes in a range of sizes. The ‘plus’ or added value provided by UKPSFW is giving women of all shapes and sizes a platform, choices and in so doing the confidence to own their own body shape.

So why should an Event, such as UKPSFW be heeded and taken seriously? Well the obvious answer is that here is an opportunity for realistic and actual size women to identify with actual and realistic size clothes modelled by women in sizes more representative of how the vast majority of the buying public are. Secondly, and irrespective of how prissy the Media regard plus sizes this industry is now worth £5.4 bn annually to the UK economy and is the only sector of the UK Fashion Industry in growth. It’s therefore a ‘no brainer’…the UK Industry has been handed a very big ‘plus’ and a welcome dimension to ensure future growth.




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