Chestnut Chevron Tweed Jacket from Joules is used in the discussion 'How to wear Tweed' on

Chestnut Chevron Removable Fur Collar Tweed Jacket – Available from size UK6 – UK20


How to wear Tweed and avoid looking like Miss Marple


Accessorising with colour and texture is ‘How to wear Tweed’ in the 21st Century


How to Wear Tweed effectively and with pizzazz is not such the challenge that you might think.  The main thing to remember is NOT to make the tweed garment (jacket/waistcoat/skirt/coat) the main focus of your presentation.

The key to managing this trend and moving it into the 21st Century is to accessorise and experiment with colour and texture.  This will eliminate a staid or frumpy look and make for a younger and more modern wearability for all ages of woman.

Today I am presenting to you a Tweed Jacket and Skirt (both from Joules) which can be worn either as separates or together as a suit.  Tweed is very fashionable at the moment and it is primarily down to our obsession in the UK and Ireland with all things retro.  The 1920s design influence, especially coming through in period TV dramas such as Downton Abbey have excited a new generation to the wonderful fashion, styling and cut of garments made in quality and traditional materials.  Nothing quite says quality, tradition and craftsmanship like British and Irish Tweed.

So where does a girl start to bring her tweed forward from yesteryear?  Firstly the answer is in the actual tweed itself.  Examine the fine weave of the material and you will discover that the colour is made up of many other specs of colour.  Use these colours to base your glove and scarf treatment on.  For example this jacket (official colour name is Chesnut Chevron) to the naked eye could be described as a golden or light brown colour.  However upon examination of the fine weave there are specs of greens, pinks, reds and blues which all now give much more possibility in terms of other colours to wear with the jacket.  Also the lining (of which Joules are complete experts at finish and colour suggestion) will also give big hints as to which colours to compliment your look.

Chestnut Chevron Tweed Jacket is presented in the main blog discussion on this week on 'how to wear tweed'.

Close up of Sleeve detail on Chestnut Chevron Tween Jacket. Note the quality velvet curved finish on the sleeves and the gold button.

inside lining of chestnut chevron tweed jacket from Joules

Note the dark blue lining with red piping and blue and green motive colouring offering suggestions for your accessories

Secondly wear your tweed with a thoroughly of the moment trend.  The metallic look is very popular and is perfect to add that veneer or gloss to lift any tweed garment from ‘quiet boring‘ to ‘louder and in the room’.  Do NOT ‘over do’ the metallics however.  Subtlety is the way forward to translate old into new.

I am seen in the main photo wearing the tweed jacket as a separate (with the fur collar) and worn along with my dark brown crocodile print inspired metallic skirt.  Picking up on the spec of the weave idea I have also decided to wear my dark green leather gloves (available from Marks & Spencer (£18)).  With this look I have successfully incorporated texture and colour (from the spec of the weave).  Colour and texture is easy to achieve and will give you more possibilities to vary your look.  Tweed in the 21st Century is much more versatile.

Below I am pictured wearing the jacket (without the fur collar) and the skirt together as a suit.  Again I have gone for the metallic trend (this time by wearing my Bronze LK Bennett Court Shoes to just lift this suit up from the ordinary.  I feel that the metallic shoes are enough (metallic) on their own to lift the outfit).  I am also wearing my green leather gloves and a fine silk neck scarf.  I would have preferred to have made more of a statement on the neck scarf (to co-ordinate with my gloves) but I did not have anything suitable in my wardrobe.  Instead I am wearing a quite predictable scarf that blends in with the overall colour and hue of the complete outfit.  This works but for me I am now on a quest to get a silk scarf with more greens in it to grasp that pizzazz opportunity and buck this trend.

I am 5’9″ tall and I am wearing size UK18 in both the jacket and skirt.  The fit is very comfortable on me.  Both the jacket and skirt are 100% wool and also both are fully lined.  These are quality garments with superb finish and styling.  The jacket and skirt are available from a size UK6 – UK20.  (Please also check out the links on these products at the end of this page to avail of a special offer from Joules to buy these garments at a discount.

Chestnut Chevron Tweed jacket and skirt from Joules

Tweed jacket (worn without the fur collar) and skirt worn together as a suit


To hear what I have to say about ‘How to Wear Tweed’ and to see further detail of the jacket have a look at the video below.

To buy the Jacket (note the fur collar is removable) click HERE


To buy the skirt click HERE


To buy the leather gloves click HERE


To buy the bronze metallic court shoes click HERE


To view the entire range of tweed and other products from Joules click HERE

Please also note special offer from Joules on their Home Page which will give you discount on these and other products.


Until next Thurs.  Diane xxx





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  1. Cristina Ferraz-Smith says:

    Hi Diane! 🙂
    WOW! …you look AMAZING! 🙂 …you’ve definitely got the pizzazz factor – all the ways you are wearing the tweed; as a separate and as a suit. I love the title of your Blog this week! – even though I am a great fan of Miss Marple 🙂 A really explanatory blog on ‘How to Wear Tweed,’ love & best wishes, Cristina :)xxx

    • Thank you Cristina for your feedback. Yes I love Miss Marple too and all things pre 1940s as well (books, drama, films and (of course) clothes). I am also a HUGE Downton Abbey fan so I absolutely love all the fabrics and textures and colours too of the 1920s.

      I have tweed skirts in my wardrobe from years back and now I am going to give them a new lease of life by wearing them with my metallic shoes (must buy a bag to match). My bronze metallic court shoes are actually much more versatile than I first thought. They go fabulously well with black, brown, green and purple so I have actually now got a big opportunity with them and they certainly lift the tweed. Diane xxx

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