A Fresh and Healthy Approach to Plus Size Weight Loss

I will NEVER offer nor promote ‘lose weight fast’ products from my website or any of my social media channels.  I am completely behind the medical profession in their concerns about obesity and the health problems associated with being over-weight.  If anyone is concerned about their weight and/or is experiencing health related problems as a result of being overweight they must consult their Doctor in the first instance and request to be referred to a Dietician who can devise a healthy weight loss plan.  The expert approach (especially if it is medically supervised) is the only sensible and practical way to achieve your plus size weight loss.

I have been encouraged and am excited by the Irish Television Series, Operation Transformation (which is aired on RTE One on both Tuesday and Wednesday nights @ 8.30pm).  This programme is not only setting out to change the lives of 6 individuals in attempting to help them lose weight for better health; it is also engaging the entire Nation and impressing upon them the need to manage weight using a combination of diet and exercise.  The 6 Individuals that have been chosen are ‘Leaders‘ of the Nation.  It is envisaged that members of the General Public will find at least one ‘Leader’ that they can identify with and simultaneously follow their individually tailored diet and fitness programme.  Helping the ‘Leaders’ on their way to better health are a panel of 4 experts – A Doctor, a Dietician, a Psychologist, and a Fitness Coach.

The programme is by far ‘the best of type’ especially when compared with a range of weight loss programmes that have appeared on Terrestial TV in the UK over the past number of years.  This is not a Boot Camp where the individuals are removed from the real world and tucked away in a setting reminiscent of Prison.  The participants (Leaders) still remain in their own homes and continue to live their normal lives whilst being active and engaging with the weight loss and fitness programme.  Each week we see the real human side of managing a weight loss programme and how the stresses and strains of each of their everyday lives and work and family commitments impact on their individual journey.  This approach is to be commended especially when you consider that the ‘Leaders’ need to learn how to maintain their successes in improved fitness and health after the Show has ended and for the rest of their lives.

I am a Plus Size Woman (UK Size 18, height 5’9″).  I have been complacent with my own weight over the years and have allowed myself to move from a healthy Size 14 (when I got married 19 years ago) – to a Size 16 – and then onwards to a Size 18).  I am no different to a great many other women in my situation and of my age.  I too have a busy life and, at times, the work/life balance is easily compromised by taking the easy way out and resorting to convenience buying and cooking.  “I do not have time to exercise”.  “It will never happen to me”!  “I will do something about my weight soon – tomorrow is a new day”!  I am sure all familiar sayings resonating in the minds of most people too.

I do not need any more convincing as to the inherent dangers of carrying excess weight.  I have been inspired by all the Leaders on Operation Transformation and now, finally in 2014 I am going to do something positive about my weight.  This will not be radical.  I have no desire to be stick thin.  I have set myself a target of 2/3 lbs weight loss each week.  I have taken my inspiration from these wonderful people and I am motivated.  I am not following any sophisticated diet plans but I have referenced some of my meal planning around the recipes provided for the Leaders.  I am eating 3 square meals a day and NO ‘in-betweens’.  I am also back doing my daily walks.  My target is to get down to a Size 16 by May 2014.  I feel that this is an achievable target within a realistic time frame.  Most of the Leaders have had great first weeks but now the targets are down to a manageable 4lbs per week (for most of them).  Speaking from my own personal experience I know that for me to make a change it needs to be at a slower pace and much more incremental than the 6 weeks suggested by the Programme professionals.

So many diets fail due to unreasonable expectations.  The Diet Industry profits from our insecurities and unrealistic expectations.  My advice to you all is to stop ‘buying the dream’ and get back to whole food eating, cooking, and exercise and make 2014 your year of improved health and well being!  If you need just that little bit extra support or need the inspiration to kick start your new healthy self then check out the Leaders profiles (with their diet and exercise plans).  Diane xxx


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  1. I was suggested this blog by my cousin. I am not sure whether this post is written by him as nobody else
    know such detailed about my difficulty. You are amazing!

    • Thank you. http://www.plussize.co.uk is a plus size fashion promotion website offering styling advice and product suggestion to women who are size 16+. We started this website to promote ‘reality’ and to try and bring back a sense of ‘normality’ to women, encouraging them to be ‘cool in their own skin’. We do not celebrate obesity. We do except the health issues associated with being overweight BUT we do not accept a diet industry selling false hope to women who are experiencing difficulties managing their weight. This is why it is a stated policy of http://www.plussize.co.uk to NOT promote slimming or diet related products. We believe that if a person wants to lose weight then a sensible and healthy approach should always be taken. We are not health professionals either. Expert medical dietary advice should always be taken before any diet plan is followed. Diane http://www.plussize.co.uk

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