www.plussize.co.uk – a year in Review – June 2013 – June 2014

www.plussize.co.uk – the plus size fashion promotion website

corporate logo of www.plussize.co.uk Well what a year it has been for www.plussize.co.uk.  In just 12 months the website has turned around from being a static Shopping Directory portal to becoming a fully functioning plus size fashion promotion website.  www.plussize.co.uk now works directly with retailers to promote their fashion lines into a target market of women in the age group 30 – 60 years. Promotion of brands and clothing lines are promoted via blog posts (using video, still photography and written commentary).  The main post is published on Thursdays and also there are ‘Featured Product’ postings on Mondays; moving to twice per week very soon.  www.plussize.co.uk is a leading player in fashion promotion and aims to be the no.1 plus size fashion promotion website within the UK.  Further developmental work on the website will continue and be on going.

The first blog posting was published on 15th June 2013 and a blog has been published each week relating to styling and other areas relating to the plus size fashion industry (making www.plussize.co.uk a notable resource of fashion styling/promotion and opinions).

The website is popular not only within the UK.  We have a growing following of visitors from all over the world (especially Europe) which makes our brand and appeal even stronger to marketing and media agencies keen to get their Clothing Retailer Clients promoted. Our fashion reviews are honest and fair.  Diane Marshall is the plus size fashion blogger and her recent signing to a leading modelling agency in the UK (Starz Models), and her catalogue work (online and print) for (amongst others) Sabine Gruchet (Designer and Model Coach) and more recently for Sally Jacks (TV Presenter, Personality, and Music Collaborator with The Ministry of Sound) has helped raise her modelling profile and the fit between her work as a model and the fashion promotion work of www.plussize.co.uk.  This extension to her remit at www.plussize.co.uk has also helped realise other contract work from leading High Street Retailers. Diane is a very earthy person, who in her everyday life does not wear make-up.  She presents the clothing of clients in as ordinary and everyday a setting as possible.  She believes that seeing the clothes as they really are, and in daylight without any staging is the best way to sell the products.  The photography of her wearing Retailers clothing on www.plussize.co.uk is not ‘photoshopped’!  The pictures and video are made from her mobile phone (a Samsung Galaxy).  If the customer likes what they see without any fancy staging then they are more likely to buy that product.  Diane’s modelling work is gathering momentum too and hopefully very soon you will be able to see (with some other Retailers) the professional image of Diane wearing the product (as featured in their catalogue or website) and then to see Diane (just as she is, at home in an everyday setting) wearing the product. In recent weeks Diane has modelled for www.sallyjacks.com and www.sabinescollection.com.  New clothing products will be uploaded to these sites as and when stock becomes available for mass distribution.

Diane Marshall from www.plussize.co.uk modelling on the home page of www.sallyjacks.com

Home Page of recently launched fashion and beauty website www.sallyjacks.com featuring Diane Marshall (plus size model) from www.plussize.co.uk

home page of www.sabinescollection.com featuring Diane Marshall from www.plussize.co.uk

Home Page of www.sabinescollection.com – new stock arriving soon



























































www.plussize.co.uk is one of 11 women’s plus size and men’s outsize fashion websites within The Plus Size Websites Group.  Further developmental work will also take place over the next year on www.plussize.ie and www.plussize.eu to provide retailers with an even greater  and more streamlined platform to promote their products within  and across Europe. It has been a great year for www.plussize.co.uk.  We have worked very hard to get the product offering and balance right.  We acknowlege that more needs to be done and it will be done.  Here’s to another busy busy busy year ahead.

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